Resilient Infrastructure 

Availability Meets Performance

Unplanned outages are inevitable in today’s complex IT landscape, yet companies must always stay operational.  The 5 Point Technology team has extensive experience developing resilient infrastructure strategies to prepare for the most critical of situations.  Ranging from the small scale recovery of a single file, to a comprehensive business continuity plan with multi-site replication and failover.

 Infrastructure Solutions & Services 


  • Enterprise Business Continuity (BC) Planning

  • Enterprise Backup and DR Strategy Planning

  • Cloud strategy & Deployment Assessments 

    • Private, Public & Hybrid ​

  • Business Tolerance Assessment - Key stakeholder discussions Defining RPO's & RTO's

Point Solutions

  • Enterprise Flash and Hybrid Storage 

  • Cloud Deployments & Migrations

  • Hyper-Converged Systems 

  • High Power Compute & Blade Solutions 

  • Data Encryption & Data Access Visibility 

  • Next Generation Firewall & Endpoint Security 

  • Enterprise Grade Backup and Recovery Solutions

    • Software &  Disc Target Devices

Scenarios to consider

  • How much downtime can your organization absorb?

  • What are your current policies and procedures for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity?

  • Are there any applications, key business data that would be detrimental if lost? 

  • What is the impact to customers if an outage occurs?

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Average cost of a data center outage  

The Vision 

Automation Failover 

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