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Why On-Demand Information Technology Services?

The power of an outsourced information technology partner could be the key to your success.

We’ve heard it said that every story has already been told (Shakespeare pretty much took care of that). And yet, people keep writing. Storytellers keep sharing. Why? Because only they can tell their unique version of the story – and that’s something the world needs.

So rather than approach this blog post like it’s the first time an IT company has written about why on-demand IT could be right for your business, we’ll tell you why it’s right from our perspective, with our team of professionals in mind. If you, dear reader, are the protagonist, then 5 Point Technology shall be the proverbial hero.

But let’s start at the beginning…

Once upon time, in a cubicle far, far away, someone switched on the first personal computer in an office, thus opening up a world of possibility to businesses of every size, in every sector. The dawn of the technology age ushered in an unprecedented rate of growth, and the need for people to keep up. This spawned whole IT departments, whose job it was to learn, innovate, and connect as quickly as networking and the internet would allow. Those IT teams also became largely responsible for advising leaders on where to look for the next tech step. They were also tapped to teach all of the company’s employees how to keep pace with the changes and developments. At some point, even the IT departments needed help. And that’s where we come in.

The name says it all – “on-demand” IT services were born out of a demand for the services they provide. Our culture’s increasing reliance on technology means that, no matter what your particular industry, your business has a need for IT expertise. For many large companies, on-demand IT provides expert-level personnel for both the long- and near-term. When you’re staring down a project that your in-house department just doesn’t have the bandwidth for right now, on-demand IT can come in, project-ready, and see you through to the other side. If you’re looking for a more permanent support team, an outsourced crew can meet that need, too, often providing just the right amount of back-up in areas you’ve yet to identify as blind spots or gaps.

Smaller businesses benefit from on-demand IT in a similar way, but might feel the reward even deeper. Because the team is already trained in their area of expertise, and aren’t actually employees of your company, you skip all of the important-but-time-consuming on-boarding steps. We get to know your company and your needs as part of our work, freeing you up to stay focused on your core business functions.

On-demand IT can often cover all of the IT needs for a mid-sized or smaller business, completely eliminating the arduous recruiting and hiring process you might undertake to build an in-house team. This route has obvious benefits as far as saving time and energy, and also serves to relieve the pressure of finding experts who are willing to work part-time. It’s one of those symbiotic relationships that prevailing business culture likes to talk about but rarely nurtures.

And while the term “outsourced” has taken on a negative connotation in some contexts, we witness (and experience) the upside of outside perspectives every day. Coming into a company with fresh eyes and a new take on things often proves to be the injection of energy that was needed to get things moving in a positive direction again. Stalled projects gain new momentum when on-demand IT pros enter the picture. It’s not a knock on the in-house folks, it’s just a fact of being human. It’s the reason even professional sports teams need subs, but imagine that every bench is stocked with starters.

Which brings us back to our 5 Point heroes – those starters who sit ready on the bench. They’re just itching to throw a game-winning Hail Mary. They’re trained to nail that bicycle kick off a corner into the top-left third of the net. They’ve perfected the half-court shot.

So let us be a part of your story. We know how to write a happy ending.

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