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Anchored in Trust, Quality and Innovation

As a full service IT consultancy with a presence in Boston and Manhattan, our goal is simple: we strive to be a true extension of our clients’ teams. We do not operate as traditional vendors do. In fact, we don't see ourselves as a vendor at all.  Each day, we aim to be the trusted partner and advocate that our clients deserve. 

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With deep roots in New England, our founder grew up observing client interactions on the showroom floor at his father and grandfather's multi-generational family business. 

The personal connections, the true sense of community, and the uncompromising attention to customer satisfaction were always front and center. These same qualities were deeply rooted into the foundational beginnings of 5 Point. 


Watching generations of clients coming through the doors, grandparents coming in with their children and grandchildren, and observing the personal connection they had with family and staff left a lasting impression. It truly was a business built on family and anchored in trust, quality and transparency. These are the very principles 5 Point adopted and was built upon.

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the entire business plan revolved around this simple and important, yet often forgotten, concept in today's market - the success of clients being the first and only priority.  When meeting with early advisors, we were often asked, “what are your revenue targets and growth goals?”, to which we answered simply, “Client success is our number one corporate metric. If we focus on that first, revenue and growth will follow.”


This unconventional approach to growth planning turned out to be the best decision we ever made, and it allowed us to elevate 5 Point Technology to a multi-million dollar consultancy within our first year of operation. This will always be the anchor point for our business as we continue to grow and thrive. Needless to say, our success is deeply rooted in our clients success, and we thank each and every one of our clients for the trust and confidence they place in us. It is through this framework of true partnership that we have found our success.

5 Point has multiple meanings in this sense, from the five points of sail a sailor uses to best leverage the changing direction of the wind to propel a vessel forward to the key components of sailing itself: Balance, Centerboard, Course, Sail Trim and  Boat trim.  Each of these points must remain in balance to effectively navigate forward. These same tenets are found in business. At 5 Point Technology, we take great pride in our ability to serve as a navigational beacon for our clients, helping them remain balanced and well-positioned to maximize business outcomes.  

With offices overlooking Massachusetts Bay, the love for the sea is built into our DNA. Much like business and the overarching competitive landscape, itself, the tides and winds are ever changing. Having the ability to navigate these changes are absolutely critical to long term success.


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Map Out Your Digital Strategy Today

As a direct extension of your team, we work to improve resilience, drive innovation, and modernize your workplace and exceed business objectives.

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